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    I include a detailed outline of my videos to help you extend your learning.

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See what others are saying about the course.

“...I have children ranging from 8 to 20 and they were bored with scriptures. I was praying for a way to have it be more hands-on and fun and this was the perfect answer. Now our weeks are filled with variety and fun and "MeckMom" days are our favorites. Also with the object lessons, the lessons are sticking better. Lastly, I love her notes and links to other talks and references to study. It has enriched my study too. I am deeply grateful for this course. You will be too. ”

Lilia Tollefsen

“Maria's course is exactly what I needed for our family's Come Follow Me study. Her ideas teach principles in powerful ways. Her creative teaching tips are genius and take very little time to prepare. Her enthusiasm and skill for object lessons week after week is mind-blowing! This course has been worth every dollar. Thank you, Maria!”

Jacqueline Norris

“This course delivers everything I could possibly need to have fun and insightful family nights. Not only does this course provide printables, notes, and object lessons EVERY WEEK, Maria does a great job explaining the gospel in thought-provoking ways. What started as a resource for family nights has now become spiritual enlightenment for me. I look forward to it every week and feel confident and excited to teach my family through the things I learned. This isn’t a product, it is truly a service Maria is providing my family, and I am so grateful that she shares her knowledge and enthusiasm.”

Jenerfer Andersen

“... I have been following and using these lesson guides for about 4-5 weeks and as I'm preparing to share this with my children, I'm the one having the "ah ha" moment. This all seems so unbelievably creative to me, and I am indebted to have this resource to share with my children. Thank you, Maria, and thank you also for understanding that even though this was started "for mom's", dad's need just as much, if not way way more help than mom's. So thank you. ”

MacKinlay Timms

“I realize that to say a program to enhance Come Follow Me lessons is "life changing" may sound extreme. I assure you, it is not. Not for me, anyway. I subscribed to Maria's Book of Mormon CFM course at the beginning of the year. Not only are my kids more engaged in the fantastic lessons, they look forward to them! I look forward to the multiple study opportunities throughout the week. It really has changed my life, my understanding and appreciation for the Book of Mormon, and increased my ability to receive my own personal revelation for myself and my family as I study and prepare. Thank you, Maria. This is a gift! ”

Kimber Shannon

“I absolutely love this course for the weekly scripture summaries as well as the incredible unique and creative teaching ideas. These ideas and object lessons work great for Sunday School and youth lessons as well as teaching my family in my home. So grateful for talented, creative people like Maria that share their gifts and abilities with the rest of us! ”

Amy Rindlisbacher

“This course is heaven sent! It is exactly what I needed this year to improve my spirituality, to keep us on track for scripture study and to apply the scriptures to our lives. She doesn’t just put out activities to keep the students busy. Her activities and lessons are planned to be simple yet memorable. She gets it because she is a mom and is teaching her kids just like the rest of us. Maria is the queen of object lessons, analogies and fun! My kids can’t wait to see what fun activities we will do each week. This course is worth every penny! Everyone needs to benefit from Maria’s insights and great ideas.”

Missy Eschler

Maria Eckersley

Maria Eckersley is a graphic designer, shop owner, and busy mom of six. She studied communications at BYU and Ohio State before setting up, in 2004. Her clever mom hacks and family fun ideas are featured on KSL's Studio 5 where she works as the Home and Family Life Contributor. She lives with her husband and kids in Draper, UT.

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